Chris Pears with Dash email Rosemary for recycling envelopes

Thompson House Equestrian Centre

Chris Ainscough’s equestrian centre at Standish is open. Offering state of the art training facilities it is set to become a leading centre in the UK.

Chris with Alarna (budding showjumper?!!)

Dartmoor Hill Pony Association

Many of the ponies that we use for all our driving (and riding) activities are from the Dartmoor Hill breed. These are the most fantastic ponies with wonderful natures. Gentle, strong, gutsy, beautiful paces - there’s nothing in the smaller pony world to beat them.  They really need support though - they are vital for maintaining Dartmoor’s landscape and provide pleasure for visitors. But there is little general market for them and with indiscriminate breeding, too many foals are born.  To save them from suffering, many are simply shot each autumn, which is a tragedy.  The solution is simple: contraceptives for the mares, Ponies on the Pill, but the Association urgently needs land to achieve this. Please take a look at their website and log on to sign the petition to allow a group of them to graze a piece of land where the results of the treatment can be properly assessed.

Dartmoor Hill ponies grazing on the moor Amanda's team of Dartmoor Hills competing at Lowther 2014

We can also now supply recycling envelopes for ink cartridges etc through Recycle 4 Charity.  Contact Rosemary for envelopes. We get £1 per cartridge - that soon adds up!

SDU has signed up with the shopping website easyfundraising - click on the link above and see how you can donate while you shop!

SDU has signed up with the shopping website easyfundraising - click on the link below and see how you can donate while you shop!

Neue Schule has renewed their sponsorship of Chariots for 2017-18. We are delighted! Nearly all our ponies are now in NS bits and we can highly recommend them! This is our new video - click on the link for a taste of the activities at Chariots of Fire. Chariots of Fire is now a member of Social Enterprise UK, a network of 10,000 organisations across the UK. SEUK is set up to support and promote social enterprises and we can go to them for advice on a myriad of matters! Indoor Carriage Driving Competition Season Finale 2017 - 18 Phillipa Howe Winner of the trophy for fastest marathon at the National championships given in memory of Amanda - Phillipa is one of the fastest marathon drivers in the country - a worthy winner of the award!